How to Setup the ASUS RT-N15U Router?

The wireless Router RT – N15U has a web configuration UI (web GUI) that can be gotten to utilizing the Asus router login default web address to enable you to arrange the RT – N15U Wireless router utilizing an internet browser on your PC. The Quick Internet Setup (QIS) capacity of your Asus routers including Asus router RT – N15U encourages you in setting up your Internet association automatically.

Steps to Setup the Asus Router RT-N15U Router using

Here are the Steps to Setup the Asus Router RT-N15U Router:

  • In the foremost case, you will need to launch the web browser into the networking computer or the mobile device.
  • Go and Navigate the Internet browser into the connected computer device.
  • Type the web address into the location bar of the browser.
  • Here you will need to type the username and password to access the login admin page of the router.
  • Now your router is successfully logged in and the web-based interface will appear on the screen.
Troubleshoot Steps of Asus RT-N15U Router by using

Troubleshoot Steps of Asus RT-N15U Router

Most of the users face issues during the router setup login process. Some users are

Unable to access the Asus router, some of the users fail to connect with the router web address. It will put you in trouble when you are not

Able to able to access the router. Nowadays to resolve your issues related to Asus

Router login and setup issues.

Can’t able to access the Internet by using the Asus Router

  • In the foremost case, you will need to check the connection if the Router is correctly connected with the Asus router.
  • To setup IP address if the adapter connected it will assign the IP address Automatically or not.
  • Check the other network settings that you connect with the router to access the internet.
  • Check the cable connection that your PC is able to connect with the internet via ISP.
  • To tackle these issues check the firmware version if it using the updated version of the Asus router or not. If these problem is still facing by the user then try to reset the router.

Facing the issue while accessing the default web address of the Asus router

To tackle these issue you can first make the connection by using the Ethernet cable.

  • Enter the official web address of the to the address bar of the
  • Internet browser.
  • Keep these things in mind must put on the starting of the web address.
  • Instead of putting the web address try to access the router by using the IP address
  • If you still facing the issue then try to access the login page in a different web browser.
  • If you are facing the same issue again then try to access the login Asus router in
  • Different computers or devices.
Reset the Asus RT-15U Router by using

How to Reset the Asus RT-15U Router?

  • In the foremost step go to the admin panel Asus by using the correct username and password.
  • Then access the login page with the web browser.
  • The Administrative Settings option appears on the screen then click into the wireless panel option.
  • Here you can SSID and the Wi-fi band here you can need to change the password.
  • After that select the password protection types WEP/WEP2 etc.
  • Now you can able to access the with the new password.

How to Recover the Asus RT-15U Admin Router?

  • In the first step go to the administrator board Asus by utilizing the right username and secret word. At that point get to the login page with the internet browser.
  • The Administrative Settings options show up on the screen at that point click into the remote board choice.
  • Here you can SSID and the Wi-fi band here you can need to change the secret key.
  • After that select the secret key insurance types WEP/WEP2 and so on.
  • Presently you can ready to get to the with the new secret word.

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