Asus RT-AC68U Wireless Router Setup is the web address for Asus router login and it takes you to the web interface of Asus routers. The web interface is the control board for your where every one of the settings is put away and can be changed. For making any sort of changes to your Asus router default arrange name, Wi-Fi organizes name and secret key, Asus Router login username and secret phrase or firewall settings you should log in to your ASUS switch to get to the web interface of

Setup the Asus RT-AC68U Wireless Router

Here are the Steps to Setup the Asus RT-AC68U Wireless Router:

  • Ensure that you have connected your Asus router to your PC using the Ethernet link for a wired connection or through Wi-Fi for the wireless connection.
  • Subsequent to setting up the Ethernet connections effectively, dispatch an internet browser on your PC to get to the Asus router website page.
  • Type the web address in the internet browser, you can likewise type Asus Router login default IP address in the location bar of the internet browser and afterward press Enter key.
  • As the Asus Router login screen shows up, fill the login credentials for example username and secret word for getting to your Asus Router Advanced settings.
  • The greater part of the Asus routers has the default username and secret key as ‘administrator’. Enter the Asus Router login credentials and you will be diverted to the Asus router arrangement page.
Asus RT-AC68U Router Wired Connection

Asus RT-AC68U Router Wired Connection

Before advancing ahead with the arrangement process, you should initially ensure that every one of the connections identified with the Wireless router is connected safely and solidly embedded. It is prescribed to interface your Asus router to your framework through a wired connection.

  • In the foremost case, you will need to Sign in to the web interface of the Asus router by opening an internet browser on your PC and exploring to the setup page of your Asus router by composing  or the default IP address for your Asus router login into the location bar.
  • Enter your new secret key twice and afterward click on Next.
  • Enter the system name SSID and system key for your Asus wireless router.
  • At that point click the on the Apply button and click on Next.

Note: If you are setting up through a wireless connection and you have changed the system Name and secret phrase, at that point, you should interface with the new Network name (SSID) and enter the system secret key to connect with the web.

Asus RT-AC68U Router Not Working

If you are still confronting any issues with the login process, you should attempt to reset your Asus router to default settings. Resetting the Asus router can help in tackling numerous specialized issues with your router.

  • In the very first case you will need to connect the to an electrical outlet and supply capacity to the Asus router.
  • Find the reset button situated at the back or base of the Asus Router.
  • Utilizing a sharp article like paper pin, press and hold the reset button on your Asus router for around 30 seconds.
  • Hold up until all the LED lights on the router begin to streak.
  • Discharge the reset fasten and restart your Login.
  • The reset has at long last been finished and the router has been set to industrial factory default settings.
How to Secure the Asus RT-AC68U Router

How to Secure the Asus RT-AC68U Router?

  • In the predominant point, you will need to go to advanced settings on the Wireless arrangement page and choose Wireless settings.
  • Pick your SSID/organize name.
  • Select Wireless mode to auto just as the control Channel to auto.
  • Pick Wpa2-individual as verification strategy.
  • Type your secret phrase and then click on apply and stand by to continue ahead.
  • Presently wireless connection is secure.
  • You presently need to verify your setting and change the login secret phrase so you can just change the settings.
  • Go to the advanced settings and click on the system settings under the organization’s option.
  • Enter your secret word again and afterward, click on apply.
  • Cause the router to reboot and trust that will be rebooted.
  • Logout from your Asus switch arrangement page lastly you are prepared to interface with your Wi-Fi

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